American Airlines ( announced 340 more flight cancellations, or about 6% of its fleet

 American Airlines ( announced 340 more flight cancellations, or about 6% of its fleet

American Airlines ( cancelled hundreds of flights at a time on Monday, adding to the nearly 2,000 it announced over the weekend due to bad weather and staff shortages.
The airline last said it canceled 340 flights, or about 6 percent of its total. American says it plans to accelerate hiring as the holiday season approaches. Seymour, the company's chief executive, told employees that nearly 1,800 flight attendants were expected to return from vacation on Monday, with the rest scheduled to return on December 1. The airline expects to hire 4,000 new employees in the fourth quarter.
In addition to American, other airlines have had a series of problems in recent months. In August, Spirit Airlines( said it canceled 2,800 flights because of hot weather and staffing shortages. The cancellations cost the company about $50 million. Last month, Southwest Airlines ( canceled about 2,000 flights, resulting in a $75 million loss. The airline at the time blamed bad weather and staffing shortages in Florida for making it difficult to operate.
However, the United States on Monday aviation plate and was not affected by the negative news, the collective closed up. American Airlines rose nearly 3%, Southwest Airlines rose nearly 4% and Spirit Airlines rose more than 4.5%. This is partly because the US will lift its travel ban next week. Starting November 8, foreign nationals who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus and can provide proof of a negative test can re-enter the United States. At that time, the US will endorse all coronavirus vaccines approved by who.

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