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  • 120ml Urine Cup Sterile
  • 120ml Urine Cup Sterile
  • 120ml Urine Cup Sterile
120ml Urine Cup Sterile 120ml Urine Cup Sterile 120ml Urine Cup Sterile

120ml Urine Cup Sterile


Medical grade high quality sterile specimen urine cup collection container 30ml/60ml/90ml/120ml urine cup
The urine cup was made of PP material, newly designed. Barcode customized, sterilized. High tightness efficiently prevents specimen leakage and pollution, convenient for storage and transportation. Besides, patients and medical staff won’t contact with the specimen, safe and reliable.
Spiral bottle mouth
The spiral bottle mouth design is used for enhanced sealing and safety.
Cautions: Proper torquing of closures is critical to leakproof sealing.
Calibration clear
Designed with internal engraving for easy measurement and easier identification
Temperature Strip
Two temperature reading methods, centigrade, and Fahrenheit, convenient and fast to read the data you want.

Appearance Design of Urine Collection Cup

* Spiral lid design: This kind of lid is designed with good sealing performance, even if the urine cup is accidentally
dumped,there will be no leakage, which is more friendly to the surrounding working environment. At the same time, the pattern design on the lid can increase friction and make it easier to grip with gloves. The lid can be opened and closed smoothly, thereby minimizing the amount of use of the operator’s hand and lower arm area, and reducing the pressure on the wrist.
* Cup body design: The cup body is made of 100% pure polypropylene material, marked with obvious capacity scales and temperature bands, and the thinner sidewalls can achieve rapid temperature transmission to accurately detect the temperature of the sample.In addition, tamper-proof labels can ensure the independence of each sample to prevent confusion.
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1.Unique labeling urine collection hole design makes urine collection and transferring more convenient sanitary and safer. The label is easy to be unclosed from the cup cover and re-seal it.
2.Sealing-type design can prevent outer substance and bacteria contaminating urine specimen and urine spilling , maximally avoiding the risk of contacting pathogenic urine specimen by patient and medical staff.
3.Sterile type and non-sterilized type can be provided as your requirement.

Advantages of Urine Cup in Storage and Transportation

If the examination is not carried out directly in the hospital, usually the liquid such as urine is sent to the examination
through the two steps of storage and transportation. This flat-bottomed urine collection cup can avoid a lot of trouble.
* The flat-bottomed design is convenient for stacking the urine cups, so it will not take up too much space when storing and transferring.
* Because of the good sealing, there will be no volatilization and leakage in short-term storage, and there is no need to worry about bumps during transportation.
* In addition, all urine collection cups are sterilized before leaving the factory and can be safely used for sample collection
and testing.At present, urine cups have been widely used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and some temporary doctors’
offices.Because it is a disposable item, it is recommended to purchase in large quantities.

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